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What is the difference between stamps made by Clear Stamp vs. clear stamps made in Asia?

Clear Stamp produces stamps made from yellowing resistant photopolymers. These polymers are designed and produced for the printing industry and are meant to carry and transfer ink. Which is why they stamp so well. The stamps from Asia are cheap, inferior and produced from vinyl or silicone based materials but are not used in any other industry for the transfer of ink. Simply, they are produced to be clear but not to provide a sharp quality impression. You will see that ink beads up on these fake stamps and imprints in an uneven and mottled manner.

Are clear stamps made from photopolymer really more environmentally - friendly than rubber stamps?

Rubber stamps are not made from rubber trees! While a small number of crafters may manufacture their own stamps by gathering their own rubber stamp, most widely available, mass-produced rubber stamps are created by synthetic rubber. The photopolymer used to create clear stamps is also a synthetic; but, the solution is reused. For each large sheet of stamps manufactured by Craffiti, up to 70% of the photopolymer solution is reclaimed and collected for additional uses. The block to which traditional rubber stamps are adhered are manufactured from wood rather than bamboo or other renewable resources. Most of these blocks are mass-produced from pine rather than recycled materials. In addition, a traditional rubber stamp is permanently affixed rendering the block a single-use tool. Contrarily, the blocks used with clear stamps are made from resin. While the production of this component involves chemicals and machinery,the output of this industrial process creates a multi-functional, reusable tool that works with an endless number of stamps. Multiple clear stamps – regardless of size, shape, or design – can fit a resin block. Since clear stamps retail independently from the block, the required packaging is smaller, and a larger quantity can be shipped to retailers in one container.

How long do photopolymer clear stamps last?

Photopolymer clear stamps can and should last a life time. There is no specific life span on photopolymer clear stamps, with proper use and general cleaning and care they should last as long as traditional rubber stamps.

Are there any harmful ingredients in Photopolymer Clear Stamps?

Photopolymer is latex free and has NO known ingredients that are harmful to you or the environment.

What is the impression quality I can expect with photopolymer clear stamps made by Clear Stamp?

Our stamps give you a clear, crisp impression time and time again.

Do photopolymer clear stamps yellow?

While many photopolymer stamps yellow, some much worse than others, we use a special patented formula of polymer that resists yellowing. Yellowing is normally caused by over exposure to UV light while our stamps can become clearer with extended UV exposure. If photopolymer stamps are not stored properly, overtime the stamps can yellow due to sunlight, indoor lighting, oil based products, acetone and bleach. You will want to store your clear stamps in a light-free container (example: card board shoe box).

What is the best way to clean clear stamps?

There are many ways you can clean your clear stamp, but never soak or let any of your stamps sit in a solvent or alcohol based cleaner. You can use specialty stamp cleaner that is specifically made to clean photopolymer stamps, use mild soap and water.

How do I keep my stamps sticking to the acrylic blocks?

Photopolymer clear stamps normally will stay sticky and adhere well for years to come to your blocks, if they lose their tack simply wash them with soap and water or the clear stamp cleaner. Many of the clear stamps from Asia will lose their tack and never regain it.

How fast do normal orders for Clear Stamps take?

Shipping can vary depending on the time of year and the size of the order. Because of our large manufacturing capacity normal delivery is between 5-10 days. However, we always try our best to accommodate our customer’s requirements and any special needs or delivery requests. Samples for new sets go out right away, normally within 3-5 days.

How to become a customer?

To inquire about becoming a Craffiti customer, please email sales@craffiti.com. Someone will respond to your request within 24 hours.

What is your damaged product policy?

To read more about our policy, please see this link. 

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